3D printing

3D printing from prototypes to serial production

We offer a quick turnaround, high quality 3D printing from Hungary. The 3D printing is a right tool to check and analyses your design, present your ideas to your customers and your investors.

Beside the prototyping we are offering the capability of serial production using the 3D printing. Manufacturing plastic parts can be cost effective at the right amount with the 3D printing, because you do not need to calculate mold costs and expensive molding. Using the technic of secondary processes the end result will be close to mass produce products.

FDM 3D Printing: 10 printers 0.05 resolution , up to 500x500x500 mm sizes

Materials: PLA, PETG,ABS, FLEX, PC, PETG, ASA, Nylon

SLA 3D printing: 4 printers 0.02 resolution up to 120x100x150 mm sizes

3D Design

PrinterBarta design team offer complete service from conceptual drafting until manufacturing ready 3D design.
Our process always start with a personal discussion to overview the requirements and visions, after that we can set up the design input document and following the discussed milestones we design the concepts and we can select together the final aesthetic version. Using this outlook we finalize the design and finish the shop drawings too.
The manufacturing ready design is capable to full fill the selected manufacturing requirements like 3D printing, injection molding CNC manufacturing.
Our work supported with Solidworks CAD software and the Reverse Engineering tools what we already learnt from the 3D printing.

  • Concept
  • 3D and 2D design
  • Planning
  • Manufacturing
  • Product

Project management

Develop your product with us!
We offer many years of experiences from multination companies and during this year’s we developed a good relationship with wide range of suppliers. Using this knowledge base we can fully design your parts and we support your manufacturing with our sub-suppliers.
Our main manufacturing capabilities are the Injection molding, Vacuum forming, Mold manufacturing, CNC manufacturing and PCB manufacturing.